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Scout groups

We're proud to offer house museum tours to scout groups who are working on badges or projects related to American Heritage or colonial history.

Historic interpretation

Our monthly open house offers a look at the life and times of a colonial family.

Private programs

We can work with you to customize our museum experience to suit your needs. Please reach out with more information about your goals.

Class trips

We offer an annual house museum tour to the fifth grade classes in the Flemington-Raritan School District, but are happy to work with private or parochial schools, homeschool groups, or other learning organizations.

Paranormal tours

Stories tell of a little girl's ghost but will you feel another presence? From colonial history and the Revolutionary War in New Jersey to the modern era, many families have called the museum home and left their stories behind.

Historic House Tour

Samuel Fleming House Museum is pleased to be a recurring participant in the historic homes of Flemington tour, a semi-annual event that shows the range of architecture in Flemington.

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