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As the heart and start of Flemington, the mission of the Friends of Fleming Castle is to maintain and preserve the structure and contents of the Samuel Fleming House and Gardens, a site built by Samuel Fleming in 1756, and to provide it as a museum open to the public. 

We are an all-volunteer organization that works closely together to plan events, give tours, fund raise, and do outreach and marketing. We can use your skills! Please reach out to if you would like to volunteer with us. (Costumes are not required, but if you'd like to get in the spirit, you're welcome to!)



The Samuel Fleming House Museum is a celebration of the heart and start of the community of Flemington, New Jersey. With a rich history stretching back to 1756, it strives to provide engaging programs and exhibits that further its mission of connecting people to history, culture, and each other.

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The Museum hosts a variety of community events throughout the year and are a great way to bring the community together. Our family-friendly events include an Ice Cream Social, Pumpkin Decorating, and our highly anticipated Tricky Tray. All community events are free and open to the public. We invite everyone to join us and engage in fun activities while learning about our culture and history.

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The Museum offers a variety of educational opportunities for visitors of all ages. Through monthly open houses and docent-guided tours, visitors can learn about the colonial history of our region and gain insight into 18th century family life. Whether you’re visiting as a family or as part of a school group, the Museum offers a unique learning experience for all.



The Museum is committed to historic preservation, seeking to protect and maintain both the structure and artifacts of our shared history. We take care in maintaining the building and grounds, conducting regular maintenance checks and repairs. We welcome donations from the public, both to our collection of artifacts and to our upkeep of the building and grounds. With your help, we can continue to preserve the legacy of our shared history.

Board of Trustees


Discover the vibrant team at the Samuel Fleming House Museum. Our board of trustees provide oversight to ensure the museum is managed as a nonprofit, and we collaborate with like-minded organizations to bring the best possible experience and education to our valued community of museum-goers.

Kelli Dochterman


First Last

Vice President

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Susan D. M. Engelhardt

Borough Council Liaison

Randy Block

Board Member

Ronald Warner

Board Member

Loretta Nagel-Borowsky

Board Member

First Last

Volunteer Coordinator

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Development Coordinator

First Last

Social Media Manager

Carmen Grimes

Member Emeritus

In Memoriam | Edna Pedrick

Edna served on our board as founder, president, docent, and volunteer for many years. A bright and funny woman, she was generous, kind, and a dear friend. We miss her.

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