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Vintage Wood Clocks


The Friends of Fleming Castle is committed to the preservation of the colonial architecture and artifacts of the Samuel Fleming House Museum. Through generous donations and grants, the FoFC is able to maintain the building and grounds, as well as the beautiful garden and landscaping. Read more to learn about our upcoming projects.

Please consider donating via PayPal or by mailing a check to support our efforts.

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Paint Roller



The building requires ongoing painting and resurfacing to preserve the wooden clapboard structure and stone/stucco foundation.


Landscape Lighting

In order to make the garden safe and accessible, hardwired landscape lighting will be installed.

Filament Bulb
Antique briefcases and hats


Catalog by Professional Archivist

Through the generations and the generosity of our community, the Museum's collection has expanded beyond what can be displayed. We are hoping to digitize and catalog our collection.



The fence that surrounds the garden is piecemeal and in poor repair in some places, missing entirely in others. A new, contiguous fence is needed.

Wooden Fence


Kitchen Renovation

The ca. 1940s kitchen is in poor condition and plans have been drawn up to to remodel it, in keeping with the authenticity of the rest of the house.

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